Glitchdata is a community of enterprise architects, data architects, data professionals that work, consult and are in the business of data management, visualisation, and analysis for governments, corporations, and non-profit organisations.

Data is a living, changing, evolving entity. The appetite for insights of “Big Data” brings diverse challenges from increasingly varied datasets, the pursuit of data quality, the need for provenance and ontology, to the demands for realtime analytics. These are all increasingly sizable challenges and the Glitchdata community is an alliance of seasoned data folks, collaborating for the greater good; bridging the gap between the data “haves” and “have nots”. We call this the “Open Data Alliance”.

About the Author

Terence Chia is the administrator of this blog. He's an enterprise architect. Having been exposed to many integration and web projects, he now has exposure to a large repertoire of technology platforms. Email him for his bio.